Chromecast audio grouping

Once you’ve created your group, your favorite music and audio from. Devices to see your available Chromecast Audio or speaker with Chromecast built-in. We are working on adding Multi-room group playback support to all of our existing and upcoming Chromecast built-in audio devices. Once you’ve created a Chromecast Audio group, and are casting audio to it, that group gets a single speaker control line in your phone’s audio . We can’t tell you how sad we were to find that you couldn’t group the regular Chromecasts like you can the Chromecast Audio and we really . ChromeCast Audio and Airplay in a Whole Home Audio. Testing the new chromecast audio grouping feature appears to be pretty seamless.

Is your Chromecast Audio devices going out of sync? To be clear: I know that this is currently (as of January 2016) not possible. However, I want to ask r/Chromecast if anybody knows of any plans.

It would seem like a fairly straightforward implementation and would easily allow for TV/Audio system sync. Looks like it’s finally here (according to various articles) but I haven’t seen a way to group a Chromecast and my Chromecast Audio. Is it unreasonable to ask why group casting does not include both. So one has to buy an additional chromecast audio for the TV just to include . Solved: I have Chromecast Audio units configured into a single group.

Now has released the Chromecast Audio, a new variant. You can now group more than one speaker together and play music on . After setup, a Chromecast Audio user’s only reason to fire up the app is to find other compatible audio apps, group speakers or use the Stream . Although Chromecast Audio shares almost identical hardware specs with the new. This guide shows you how to use use Chromecast Audio multi-room group . Is it possible to sync/group Sonos and Chromecast so they play audio in sync? I have a couple of Play:around the house and a chromecast . The multi-room feature lets user group multiple Chromecast Audio devices together to play the same song out of different speakers at the same . Any chance that we could get Kodi to send its music playback output to Chromecast Audio cast recievers on your home (Wi-Fi) network via a . Google’s recently-launched Chromecast Audio adapter is getting a major feature update this week: Consumers will now be able to group .