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VLC has streaming options, but it has not yet developed compatibility with’s Chromecast. Still, there is a way to see your movies on the TV while you . VLC’s developers have been working on Chromecast support for some time, and it’s finally here.

In the latest bleeding edge Windows versions . Want to stream content from your own library to Chromecast from VLC Player? Streaming Netflix or Hulu to your Chromecast is easy-peasy, but getting local files onto your TV generally requires niche software. You can even stream local video to Chromecast in full-screen and in background.

Actually, in the latest nightly build of VLC Player, Chromecast is an option . It’s still under construction, but soon VLC will stream local media to a Chromecast. VideoCast allows you to broadcast videos are on the web to the Chromecast or VLC player or integrated. The latest VLC nightly builds on Windows ship with native Chromecast support — in this post we show you how to use it to cast your own local . Gå til When will VLC be able to stream to Chromecast? I’ve used the Chrome extension Videostream to do this.

It’s not VLC, of course, but if the goal is just to cast local video files, it works very well . Support is not implemented yet for VLC although I imagine you can screen cast it if you have a compatible device. VideoLAN, the company behind the powerful VLC Media Player, revealed on Wednesday that VLC Media Player 3.

Beta (using ubuntu ppa) and I wanted to know how to set it up to stream to chromecast. La última compilación en desarrollo de VLC 3. A combination of Chromecast and VLC player is a match made in heaven. VLC player is the best source of viewing media including all paid . How To Chromecast MKV Videos from Windows Computer. If you already have Chrome browser installe installing VLC media player will . VLC Chromecast support is on the way, and VideoLAN developer JB Kempf has a progress update on the streaming media feature in VLC 3. Popular media player VLC will add Chromecast streaming in its next major update, according to a change-log released by VideoLAN. Since February of 201 VLC has promised to add support for Chromecast but the feature has yet to be implemented.

It was mid-20when the team behind VLC – which is arguably one of the most popular media players in the world – confirmed that future . Ein direktes Verbinden von VLC mit Chromecast ist derzeit leider noch nicht möglich. Dennoch gibt es für Besitzer des-HDMI-Sticks . VLC Chromecast support shows signs of life, and you can try. The VLC team has been talked about adding Chromecast support in version . When it comes to streaming video, there are little (if any) tools more popular than the Chromecast for getting your movies and TV shows up onto . While we continue to wait on the release of VLC some improvements for the media player’s support of’s Chromecast devices have . Google’s Chromecast is cheap and awesome and it’s about to get even better. The latest changelog posted by VLC—which mentions a . VLC ist der Mediaplayer schlechthin und darf unter Windows, Linux und OS X nicht fehlen.

Chromecast et simplifiera ainsi la diffusion de fichiers vidéos sur téléviseur.