Greenline 48 fuel consumption

A cruise aboard the Greenline proves that hybrid technology is here to stay. The fuel consumption per nautical mile is less than that of a . Graph: Comparison of fuel consumption in litres and COemission in kg per boating season (boating days) in case of a 33-feet boat: a 33-feet sailboat with a .

According to Seaway, the fuel consumption on the Greenline is less per nautical mile than a comparable displacement hull thanks to what it . With its auxiliary battery propulsion, how does the Greenline Hybrid. The Greenline offers casual, comfortable cruising in an innovative. The new Greenline Hybrid is an absolute pleasure to own. Thew new Greenline hybrid yacht will burn an amount of fossil fuel that is comparable to a sailing yacht of the same size over an entire . I was just wondering what you guys think of the Greenline 33.

Better fuel consumption is nice , but with autos we are burning an extra to just to clean the. Last edited by Willallison : 10-07-20at 01:AM. The Greenline Hybrid is a new and exciting cabin version with a tremendous.

In a full boating season, Greenline will burn an amount of fossil fuel that is . It’s long, lean, and burns a fraction of the fuel the Greenline does, and can. Now the fun part of the FPB is you don’t have to burn all your fuel to get to a. Since you spoke of a new Greenline 4 I assume that your budget is .

The fuel consumption per nautical mile is less than that of a comparable displacement hull and as little as one quarter of a semi-displacement, twin-engine . They call it the Superdisplacement low-drag hull, and claim it will consume half the fuel per mile of a typical displacement hull and one-quarter that of a . Authorised Retailer of Greenline Hybrid Boats, West Vancouver, Canada. A 200-gallon fuel burn for a dash between. The Greenline brand of hybrid electric-diesel yachts features solar panels. It incorporates other eco-friendly and fuel-efficiency features, too, . Certainly in the USA, motor vehicle designers rarely bothered with fuel efficiency and diesel-guzzling powerboats were rolling off the production . Lower fuel consumption, lower running and maintenance cost.

Motor Boat Yachting’s video review of the Greenline Hybrid from the 20Düsseldorf Boat Show. GREENLINE Hybri the latest and best from the Greenline range is the .