Innovate lc1

The LC-Lambda Cable Wideband with 0xygen Sensor is a complete digital wideband controller in a sealed cable assembly. The Oxygen Sensor used in this device gets very hot in operation.

Find great deals on eBay for Innovate LC-in Other. INNOVATE MOTORSPORTS LCLC-DIGITAL WIDEBAND LAMBDA O2. Innovate DB-Red Wideband Air/Fuel for LC-OR LM– Gauge Only – 3794.

Testing the install of an LC-wideband controller in my MkEscort.

Innovate LCWideband osensor install with ECMlink v3. Pontiac GTO w/ Innovate Motorsports lc-1. The full range of Innovate Motorsports Wideband Osystems can be found below, or click the images above for. Dette settet kommer komplett med den patenterte prisbelønte LC -Wideband Controller , Bosch -leder Wideband Sensor, m probekabelen , Bung .

Ny og ubrukt LC-bredbåndslambda selges. Innovate Gmm gauge er brukt men som ny. Connecting the LC-to an external analog AFR display. All Innovate MTS devices like the LC-with dual serial ports should have their system grounds. Innovative lc- Bredbåndslambda, lc-boksen er ny, og sonden er brukt drag i benk.

Har også et Kn filter som ble feillevert. I’m using an Innovate Motorsports LC-with the DLnow. I have it connected via two 5v anaputs.

Jeg fikk tilsendt et LCkit nå men mangler ledlyset og knappen man bruker for å kjøre enkel kalibrering. The Innovate Motorsports DB BLUE gauges are 52mm (1/inch) air fuel gauges. I am writing this blog because I see many have this same problem with their LC-going nuts and not doing what it’s supposed to do. After quite a few searches, i found only some brief and un-detailed install guides for the Innovate LC- so I thought I would try making a nice, .