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MacPherson’s Lament (MacPherson’s Farewell). Robert Burns (1788) MacPherson was hanged on the Gallow-Hill of Banff, on the . Credits: a) MacPherson’s Rant – traditional; arranged by Old Blind Dogs b) The Winging – Jonny Hardie.

Accurate The Real McKenzies MacPherson’s Rant Lyrics: Farewell ye dungeons, dark strong This wretches destiny MacPherson’s day will nae be long Allow . Midi File, Lyrics and Information to MacPherson’s Farewell. Lyrics to ‘MacPherson’s Rant’ by Real Mckenzies. Scottish folk music lyrics for a wide range of Scottish songs.

There can be many variations on Scottish traditional song lyrics and tunes. James MacPherson (1675–1700) was a Scottish outlaw, famed for his Lament or Rant, a version of which was rewritten by the Scottish poet, Robert Burns. I later heard it by The Clancy Brothers and a dozen or so other performers.

Farewell, ye dungeons dark and strong, 6m. Farewell, farewell to thee, MacPherson’s life will no be long 5. Macpherson’s Rant lyrics performed by Corries: Farewell ye dungeons dark and strong, Farewell, farewell tae thee, . The Battlefield Band MacPherson’s Lament Lyrics. MacPherson’s Lament lyrics performed by The Battlefield Band: Farewell ye dungeons dark and strong The . Traditional Folk Songs with Chords MacPherson’s Farewell.

MacPhersons Farewell – Lyrics Chords . Fareweel ye dungeons dark and strong Fareweel, fareweel tae thee MacPherson’s time will no’ be . Lyrics for MacPherson’s Farewell by Hamish Imlach. Fareweel ye dungeons dark and strong Fareweel, fareweel to thee MacPherson’s song . Corries Macpherson’s Rant lyrics at LyricZZ. Lyric ZZ is proud to present to you very accurate Corries Macpherson’s Rant Song lyrics.

MacPherson’s Rant Robert Burns – Trad Arr: Scocha.