Sodium nitrate norsk

Oversettelsen av ordet sodium nitrate mellom norsk, engelsk, spansk og svensk. Norsk utgave: Anne Margrethe Dahll Steinert. Sodium nitrate is the chemical compound with the formula NaNO3. Oversettelsen av ordet sodium nitrate fra Engelsk til Norsk (Bokmål) med synonymer, antonymer, definisjoner, eksempler, uttale, avledede ord og mer. Different chemicals may be used to produce synthetic sodium nitrate:.

N2+ ClIn 1934/Norsk Hydro developed a process to produce sodium nitrate from . Following in importance were synthetic sodium nitrate with 30metric tons, and. Any salt or ester of nitric aci such as sodium nitrate. Denne listen inneholder norske navn, engelske navn, synonymer og summeformel på 1191. Sodium nitrite is a salt and an anti-oxidant that is used to cure meats like ham, bacon and hot dogs.

Sodium nitrite serves a vital public health function: it blocks . Over 400Norsk oversettelser av Engelsk ord og uttrykk. The term is also used for sodium nitrate (Chile saltpetre) and calcium nitrate (lime saltpetre), both of . In 191 as a result of the French investment in Norsk Hydro, and agreement with the French War. However, the supply of ammonium nitrate from Norsk Hydro almost cease as was also the . The resulting sodium nitrate-monosodium phosphate mixture is then treated with.

In the process of the Norsk Hydro-Elektrisk Kvaelstofaktieselskab potassium . Small amounts of nitrate salts produced in the neutralization pit should be. Norsk Hydro has developed a scrubbing process where an aqueous urea . Nitrater dannes ved naturlig, mikrobiell oksydasjon av andre nitrogenforbindelser og er viktige . Opphavsrett: Norsk institutt for vannforskning/Norwegian institute for water research . Norsk calcium nitrate, parts of sodium nitrate and parts of water, . A white crystalline compoun NaNO used in solid rocket propellants, in the manufacture of nitric aci explosives, and glass and pottery enamel, and as .