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This text is replaced by the Flash movie. Sulje yhteyttä paljon kuormittavat sovellukset (kuten Spotify ja Sonera Viihde). Alta näet kiinteiden Sonera Kodin Netti -liittymien teoreettiset maksiminopeudet .

Test your Internet and compare your. G 4G 5G wifi LTE Sonera Elisa Saunalahti DNA kaistanleveys net speed test bandwidth meter mobiililaajakaista. Brands have found Speed Test by Sonera CinemagraphsIt’s like a GIF … but better A Cinemagraph is … an image that mixes a high quality . I doubt that even Sonera employees would actually play this. See the latest result for Sonera, reported anonymously by the Sensorly . Mobile operator Sonera was the first to open 4G — the world’s. Since 4G is all about spee we created a game — a reaction speed test.

The Digital Advert titled Sonera: Speed Test was done by DDB Helsinki advertising agency for product: Sonera Internet Package (brand: Sonera) in Finland. Sonera speed test with recent. Compare and test your maximum and average connection speed using our new test. Sonera and Cumulocity, the world’s leading IoT (Internet of Things) platform … is developer-friendly and allows Sonera to create very high-speed customer . There seems to be a gold rush lately in making print ads not just print ads, this one turns into a speed-test game on any smartphone where you . A Sonera criou esta imprensa diferenciada para comunicar que é a primeira operada finlandesa a usar o 4G, a ligação mobile mais rápida do .

Posts about Sonera- Speed Test written by theinfluentials. Kako bi promovisala uvodjenje 4G na Finsko tržište, marketing agencija DDB iz Helsinkija, je osmislila interaktivnu print kampanju. To promote it, DDB Helsinki created a reaction speed test that was part print, part mobile. Winners of the game were opted in to win a Sonera . Yle Kuningaskuluttaja: Miten 4G-nopeusmittauksia tehdään?

Mobile operator Sonera was the first to open 4G — the world’s fastest mobile connection in Finland. How to tell this in a traditional print media? Ooklan Speedtest-sovellus on suosittu tapa verkkoyhteyden.

Sonera on tarjonnut asiakkailleen nopeimman mobiiliverkon . The print ad has minimal design and the Sonera 4G Reaction Speed Test looks to have a very simple execution which should have kept mobile . April 0 2012Filed under Online and Electronics, Technology. Logg deg inn eller opprett en konto for å se mer fra Sonera på Facebook. Use Ookla Speedtest for easy, one-tap connection testing in under seconds—accurate anywhere thanks to our global network.