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Thank you for your interest in TIDAL, we would love to hear from you. We offer support through our FAQ section where you can find to common . Technical questions or customer service comments for TIDAL?

TIDAL is the perfect match for Sonos, streaming music in lossless, high fidelity. Tidal refreshed its media streaming app today with an update that finally lets users send audio and video to a Chromecast dongle. Tidal is the world’s first music service with High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos and Curated Editorial by music journalists, . Use your iRC license with Amarra sQ+, Symphony, and Amarra for TIDAL; Supports single filter file for multiple sample rates up to 384kHz; Easy, simple process .

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler workload automation software simplifies batch and. CWA offers customized access and functionality to support business end . Email seems to be the best and only option to contact support with Tidal. I would suggest allowing hours for a response.

Tidal will now stream music and videos to your Chromecast devices. What sort of support do people get from tidal? I put a request in on Thursday and still nothing.

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CC Audio and Spotify supports it – Spotify has actually supported CC Audio since . UK product testing outfit Intertek has been invited by Cardiff University to become an industrial partner to support a three-year tidal stream . Can anyone confirm whether Sonos will support TIDAL? Tidal streaming service will be supported by Sonos. Music streaming service Tidal has added Chromecast support to its mobile apps, allowing you to play your music on your television or speaker . Alongside support for TIDAL, our Mu-so wireless music system will now be fully multiroom ready. That means it can stream music in perfect-sync to other Mu-so . FYI, Chromecast support just emailed me and said that they expect Tidal to support Chromecast Audio within the next two months.

Whilst we are very much aware of the quality streaming services such as Tidal offer, there are currently no plans to implement this in our products in the future. Tidal may not be as popular as other music streaming services but quite a few people do use it primarily because the owner, who happens to . The European Commission has found French plans to support a tidal energy plant to be in line with EU state aid rules. Newark, NJ (December 2 2016) – Starting in January 201 Technics will support TIDAL, the global music and entertainment platform that . Please note these pages are for information only. These pages were published for the launch of this support scheme.

An upgrade adding Tidal support to the AK7 AK30 AK3and AK3players should arrive later this month, but owners of the AK24 . The GCA offers no gapless support for Tidal or Spotify. This might not be an issue for the compulsive track skipper or playback shuffler but for .