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Personalize your profile; Choose your background images; Customize your emails. WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. Try the free service or up your game with WeTransfer Plus!

GotPlusClickBufretOversett denne sidenWeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. Upload files straight from your desktop, share the download link wherever you’d like and access your Plus account for a WeTransfer service that is even more . The provisions of these Terms apply to both the regular WeTransfer service and our WeTransfer Plus service, unless explicitly mentioned .

Designed by our creative director Laszlito Kovacs to promote our premium WeTransfer Plus service, the story of the monsters’ development . We don’t have actual corporate accounts for WeTransfer Plus. What we offer our Plus users is something slightly different; the option to add a . When you’re logged in to your Plus account, you can open the Transfer overview by clicking on the blue Plus button next to the transfer. Everything you ever wanted to know about Plus, setting up a profile page and plenty more is stored away here.

Our beloved Plus users have always had the option of sending monster transfers that can be as big as 20GB each. When signing up for Plus, you will need to claim your very own subdomain. This gives you a personal page within the WeTransfer family where . A Plus account has the option of adding another layer of protection to transfers by adding a password.

For dager siden – Plus users can save up to 100GB of transfers permanently in their online Plus storage until they decide to delete them, or the account expires. You can now allow us to renew your Plus subscription for you, easy-peasy! If you for Plus, we will automatically renew your account by . With Plus you’ll be able to get some extra information on the downloads of your transfer. But if you need to transfer files larger than 2GB or need to password protect your files, you may want to check out WeTransfer Plus. The free WeTransfer is fine for sending most files.

But if you need to send extra-large files or need . Also, you have an account — the free service doesn’t use accounts — which you can personalize. To access your WeTransfer Plus account, follow these steps:. File-sharing service, WeTransfer, today announces its first major upgrade, by doubling transfer capacity for WeTransfer Plus users from 5GB to .