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Google Lively was a web-based virtual environment produced by Inc. It was discontinued on December 3 2008. In July we launched Lively in Labs because we wanted users to be able to interact with their friends and express themselves online in .

Lively by is a new product available in Labs. Create an avatar and chat with your friends in. It was a strange experiment from the start.

Google skal ta innersvingen på Second Life med sin nye 3D-verden leser jeg på nett i dag.

Men da har de sannelig en lang vei å gå… Publisert . Once thought to be its answer to virtual worlds like Second Life,’s Lively launched this summer to much fanfare. The company’s latest online venture, Lively, enters the world of virtual online worlds dominated by Second Life an to some extent, . Google is launching a new service today called Lively, a browser based virtual world add-on that lets users . See failed projects to learn more. But I was well into my first hour as an avatar in Lively, the search company’s frustrating and dull new virtual worl and I was bored. Lively is an interesting way to get a second life.

Also, Lively is a social network by itself, built around the concept . Google (GOOG) is killing its virtual worl Lively, after less than five months, to focus more on its core search, ads and apps business.

Google is to close Lively, it’s online virtual Scond Life thing, at the end of December, as you can see here. The venture launched in July, and was to have the . Last week announced that they were pulling one of their latest services off the Web. Google Lively was their first attempt to play in the virtual world space. Google has just launched Lively, a new social network built around the concept of each user creating an avatar and a personal virtual room that . There are no articles in the lively category.

The short-lived Lively was a virtual chatroom in the vein of Second Life. Lively (apparently code named Fiji and Rooms, and previously nicknamed Metaverse by some outside) is a three-dimensional chat . History On July 8th, 200 released Lively, a three-dimensional environment where every user had a place to decorate and where he or she . So at this point, I imagine everyone has seen the news about finally decloaking off the virtual bow with Lively. Google is shutting down its Lively embeddable virtual world just about four months after it was first announce aiming to prioritize its core . Similar Games The Sims (20- current) Second Life (20- current) IMVU (20- current) The list goes on . Google’s announcement of Lively, a 3d virtual room product, generated a few So long Second Life blog headlines. Owner:; The status of this product is Live. Description: Lively is a browser based virtual world add-on that lets users create and customize avatars and . Google Lively is the new virtual world created by the world’s largest search engine.

Windows only: Lively, a free Second-Life-like 3D chat program created by, has recently launched. In July, released Lively, a Second Life in the browser plug-in that lets anyone embed a basic 3D chat realm on a website or blog. Chat and social networking are easy with Lively, a service offered by. You might see the fun design elements, the custom avatars and the list of locales .